Designed by: Rupeekshan Maheswaran
Captioned by: Meenothkumar Krishnakumar

AI is everywhere, we come across hundreds of applications of AI that simplifies our life daily. AI is human-like intelligence exhibited by computer or robot by other machinery. With the increasingly growing usage of AI-based systems, the question arises ” Can we trust AI-based systems? “

Join with us on 16th of February 2021 from 08.30 a.m to 09.30 a.m for the virtual talk on “Confidence in AI systems: Can we trust AI-based systems?”

Speaker: Prof. N. Asokan
(Cheriton Chair, University of Waterloo, Canada | Adjunct Professor, Aalto University, Finland | Fellow member ACM | IEEE)
Date : 16 February 2021
Time : 8.30 AM – 9.30 AM
Via : Zoom