Hey Amigos!

Do you like challenging yourselves? 
How often do you challenge yourself?

This is the perfect chance to unleash your creativity.

We, the IEEE Student Branch of University of Jaffna are proudly presenting “RECREATO 2021”,
a logo recreation contest which challenges your creativity…

📍Participants: UoJ Undergraduates.

📍Submissions: On or before 12th of October, 2021.

📍Design: Must be in a creative manner.

📍Eg: Kolam, Paper quilling, Cross stitch.

📍Note: Digital art, Pastel/Watercolour paintings are not acceptable.

📌 Guidelines for the contest: https://bit.ly/GuidelinesRecreato2021

If you have any queries please contact 📲

  • Tharsini: 074 089 5718 (Tamil)
  • 6 549 4064 (Sinhala)

Amazing prizes are waiting for the winners!
All the participants will get an E-Certificate for participation!

Submit Your Work here: https://bit.ly/Recreato2021IEEESBUoJ

Don’t miss this great opportunity!!!!!

Organized by,
IEEE Student Branch,
University of Jaffna.