Organized by the Computer Society, Department of Computer Science,
University of Jaffna

UoJCoders v1.0

UoJCoders coding competition is aimed to enhance the problem-solving skills and programming skills among the undergraduate students in computing and that will provide efficient programmers. The competition is a 12-hours inter-university coding competition. The competition is open to all undergraduate students in Sri Lanka, especially for those who follow degrees in the computing discipline. UoJCoders v1.0 is planned to be held on 16th and 17th of March 2019 in the Department of Computer Science, University of Jaffna.

The 12-hours coding competition will be conducted using the hackerrank platform ( participants qualified to the final round are expected to be present at the venue of the competition. Questions will be in all levels categorized into easy, medium, hard. Participants are encouraged to solve problems using appropriate data structures and algorithms. Questions will mostly be related to real-world problems.

Participating in this competition will improve the problem solving skills, coding skills and teamwork among the students. Since it will be a limited time - rapid coding competition, it will enhance the efficiency and time management skills of participants.



Registration Opens

Feb 12, 2019

Registration Closes

Feb 28, 2019

Elimination Round

This round will be conducted online.

Mar 6, 2019

Final Round

Participants are expected to be present at the venue of the competition.

Mar 16, 2019

Awarding Ceremony

Mar 17, 2019

Elimination Round

Thank you for all the teams eagerly registered for the UoJCoders v1.0

200+ teams have participated for elimination round !

Rules and regulations

  • Elimination round will be held on 6th of March 2019 from 5.00pm to 8.30pm via online.
  • Selection of the teams for the final round is purely based on the score obtained by teams in the elimination round. At most five teams would be selected from each institution.
  • Only 25 teams will be selected for the final round.
  • Team members must solve the problems without any assistance from other people or pre-written code.

The Finalists

Congratulations for the selected teams for the final round of UoJCoders v1.0

Selected teams, please check your emails for further details.

Semicolon University of Colombo
Team X-tatic University of Colombo
3 idiots University of Jaffna
405_Found University of Jaffna
Code Barbarians University of Jaffna
Phoenix University of Jaffna
Silent geeks University of Jaffna
Team_Beginners University of Jaffna
Buriyani University of Moratuwa
Code-TNT University of Moratuwa
CodeBreakers97 University of Moratuwa
Tamil Pasanga University of Moratuwa
Team BlackOrder University of Moratuwa
Y-Nots! University of Moratuwa
codingZeus University of Peradeniya
Error404 University of Peradeniya
Hanthana Coders University of Peradeniya
Int_Elligence University of Peradeniya
Prometheus University of Peradeniya
ReachOut University of Peradeniya
Equitem University of Ruhuna
TEAM_BLACK_HAWKS University of Sri Jayewardenepura
CodeXperia Uva Wellassa University
LulzCoderz Uva Wellassa University
Semicolon; Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

The list is ordered according to the alphabetical order of the University names and team names.


Team Name: CodeBreakers97
University: University of Moratuwa
Leader: Mr. K.D. Sunera Avinash Chadrasiri
Member: Mr. B. C. Edippuliarachchi
Member: Mr. Deepana Ishtaweera
Team Name: BlackOrder
University: University of Moratuwa
Leader: Mr. B.M.C. Rathnayaka
Member: Mr. E.M.K.S. Edirisinghe
Member: Mr. D.D.C.S Wickramanayaka
Team Name: ReachOut
University: University of Peradeniya
Leader: Mr. H.M.K.D. Wickramathilaka
Member: Mr. W.M.D.U. Thilakarathna
Member: Mr. K.A.R. Thushara


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